Interview mit Saever Karl und Constanze Albecker Gänser am 19.02.2016 auf der Art Karlsruhe (@ booth planparallel, art: Ingrid Floss, Jerry Zeniuk)

Constanze Albecker Gänser: When did you start painting?

Saever Karl: Well, I started painting since my childhood. I am interested in art and painting since I was a young boy. My grandmothers brother Ásgrimur Jónsson was the first Icelandic painter to make art his main profession. He influenced many artists in Iceland.
First I became a tailor, then in1972 a master tailor. I opened a fashion store at Reykjavik and imported nice clothes. Since 1989 one room of the shop was transformed in an art gallery which shows young not known Iceland artists. For me it was the perfect thing to bring my two passions together: fashion and art!
In 2007 I sold the shop and now I can live every day my dream: to paint every day!

C.: Your abstract paintings are very expressive and colorful.

S.: Yes, I am a colorist. I love colors and how they work together. I have my roots in fabrics. Hand-woven materials are fascinating for me, to see how the colors run together.

C.: But you also realize act painting.

S.: I love act painting. I love to paint the beautiful shape of a woman’s body. Once a week I draw or paint from a life model.

Written by Constanze Albecker-Gänser